Today in the city Holy Cross 23.01.2019
Wandering goats bring traffic to a standstill on Santa Cruz highway

Two freewheeling goats trotting back and forth between the lanes of a Santa Cruz highway created a traffic jam Monday afternoon before they were corralled. Drivers traveling south on Highway 17 had to...

Watch as 8 people crash their parachutes into a Florida swamp

If there's one lesson parachuters should keep in mind, it's always look before you leap. This very Florida video, which captures the terrifying events of a New Year's Eve parachute party gone wrong, s...

Smartphones knowing your 'location, interests and fears' is like the Antichrist, Russian church head says

The Russian Orthodox Church's interpretation of the Antichrist sounds a little bit like Facebook. In an interview aired Monday, Patriarch Kirill of the church told Russian state TV that smartphones ha...

Jaskirat Sidhu Pleads Guilty to All Charges in Deadly Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the transport truck driver involved in a crash with the Humboldt Broncos' hockey team bus in April 2018 that killed 16 people, pleaded guilty to all charges Tuesday...

Ex-soccer coach Kit Carson killed in car crash on same day of sexual abuse trial

Former youth football coach Michael “Kit” Carson was killed in a car crash Monday on the same day he was slated to stand trial on sexual abuse charges.

Russian church head says smartphones could bring the Antichrist

MOSCOW (AP) — The head of the Russian Orthodox Church says the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of the Antichrist.

Finding The Bottom Of The Crash

Old school volatility is back and a crash pattern is unfolding like many before it. So the question is: where is the hard bottom of this crash?

Read JFK's letter reassuring a little girl that Santa is safe from nuclear bombs

Michelle Rochon can still remember worrying about Santa Claus' safety when she was 8 years old, during the height of the Cold War in 1961. "I knew nuclear bombs were bad," she recalled to CBC News. "A...

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